MoCo Amends Executive Order to Allow Additional Openings

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, after consultation with County Health Officer Dr. Travis Gayles and based on data from contact tracing, has issued an updated executive order that allows certain additional openings related to the COVID-19 health crisis. Amended Executive Order 098-20 updating Phase 2 guidelines was unanimously approved today, Aug. 24, by the County Council and will go into effect at 5 p.m. today.
The amended executive order includes additional measures to protect the public from the spread of the virus. One measure modifies the definition of face coverings as fully covering a person’s nose, mouth and chin and is secured to the person’s head.
The amended order recategorizes soccer from a high- to medium-risk sport, which means scrimmages and games will now be permitted. The amended order also permits museums, art galleries and bowling alleys to open with restrictions.
The updated executive order:
• Permits museums and art galleries to open with restrictions.
• Permits bowling alleys to open with restrictions.
• Clarifies a requirement for food service facilities to post signs advising customers about face covering and social distancing restrictions.
• Recategorizes soccer as a medium-risk sport, which permits scrimmages and games to take place.
• Modifies the definition of face covering to include covering the chin, as well as the mouth and nose.
• Continues to prohibit sports tournaments unless the County issues a letter of approval.
• Sets a 50-person limit for all sporting events that include coaches, participants and spectators.
• Prohibits sporting events with teams from outside the District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia.

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  2. So Montgomery County Council when are you going to allow music in outdoor venues ?

  3. All these openings, with restrictions and yet they can not figure out a way to open any of the schools until February at the earliest? Apparently it is ok to send my kid to the bowling alley after shopping at Wegmans the to follow-up with dinner at a restaurant with proper spacing. Figure out a way to open the schools. It should not be that tough…just let anyone who is high risk opt-out for virtual learning.

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