MoCo App Creators Release Android Version of MyMCPS+ App, Plan to Create Android Version of MoCoSnow App by Next Winter

by MCS Staff
Montgomery County app developers, Solomon Sapiro and Kundan Razdan, have released the android version of the popular MyMCPS+ app.

Both are 2018 Wootton graduates and University of Maryland computer science majors. Sapiro is the creator of the MyMCPS+, MoCoSnow, and BrickBreaker iOS apps. He has wanted to develop apps for androids and has finally made it happen along with his fellow developer, Kundan Razdan. The duo plans on releasing an android version of the popular school closing and delay Prediction app, MoCoSnow by next winter.

MCPS moved away from EdLine a couple years back, which was used by students and parents/guardians to monitor grades.

A program called MyMCPS is now used by the county and the website allows students to view their grades.

MyMCPS+ is a grade manager app that allows students and parents to view current grades and see how specific grades on upcoming assignment can affect the overall grade. It uses a color coded system that clearly identifies each different type of grade and is simple enough for anyone from an elementary school student to a grandparent (and everyone in between) to use.

​You can download the FREE app here.


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