MoCo Businesses Received $2.17 Billion from Paycheck Protection Program


MoCo businesses received $2.17 billion from Paycheck Protection Program


In response to a Freedom of Information Act request and lawsuit from several news organizations, the federal government on Tuesday released detailed records about loans distributed through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). We wrote about the previous, less complete data release on July 9.


We have uploaded to our website, below, a searchable table of the approximately 18,500 MoCo businesses which received loans. View the loan amount, business information, the number of jobs the business plans to retain, and more at the link in our bio.


The median loan received by MoCo businesses was $25,000. At the upper end, Silver Diner Development, LLC received $9,497,700; at the lower end, High Performance Soccer School received $12.


Of the businesses that reported gender data about their ownership, 591 were female-owned and 1,852 male-owned. At least 62 veteran-owned MoCo businesses received PPP loans. About four percent of MoCo recipients were non-profits.


Some notable MoCo businesses:
• Bullis School: $4,256,324 to retain an unspecified number of employees
• Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School: $3,822,732 to retain 371 employees
• Our Lady of Good Counsel High School: $3,318,676 to retain 398 employees
• Georgetown Preparatory School: $2,720,145 to retain 195 employees
• Leisure World of Maryland: $2,652,755 to retain 219 employees
•Washington Adventist University: $2,393,100 to retain 475 employees


By Prayag Gordy (see chart below)


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