MoCo DEP Provides Reason For Bright Green Creek in North Bethesda

by MCS Staff

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection has explained the vibrant green color of a creek located behind Commonwealth Drive in North Bethesda (in the area of Old Georgetown Rd and Nicholson Ln). Photos below by Instagram user @rachelwulfe.

“Our office has been working with the nearby Fallswood Condos on tracking what we suspect may be a cross-connected pipe discharging wastewater to the stormdrain
system. The building engineer at the condos was planning to do some dye testing of their pipes as part of the ongoing

It appears that dye testing was performed yesterday, which is what turned the creek green. The dye used is a non-toxic marking agent that turns water a vibrant green color. The color can be visually alarming, and folks often report this as antifreeze dumped into the water. This is the same stuff the use to dye rivers green for St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago and other cities. Most antifreeze these days is orange.”

Staff is still investigating the initial issue of wastewater possibly being discharged into the storm drain system.


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