MoCo Monday Fit Tip: “Can I Still Lose Weight Without Having to Cut Out Sugar?”

Something I get asked a lot when I take on new clients is “how much sugar should I be eating?” Or “should I stop eating all sugar together?” Raise of hands, who else has felt mentally stressed by restricting their sugar intake?

I remember when I first started my fitness journey I would think things like “I love yogurt cups, but I know they’re high in sugar so I can’t eat them because i’m on a diet.” I used to think I’d gain so much weight if I kept eating sugar, so I would cut it all out of my diet.

So guess what happened?

I’d binge everything in sight that I could get my hands on because I would feel so restricted.
Then I’d feel incredibly guilty and feel like I had to “fix” it by not eating the next day or doing cardio.
The key to keeping stress at bay when dieting is by allowing yourself to have sugars, sweets, and the things you crave in moderation. i.e. Not eating the whole bag of candy corn in one sitting after work.

Treat yourself to a glazed krispy kreme donut (calories are actually pretty good on these bad boys lol!) with a side of coffee.

Come home from work and have a delicious/nutritious dinner and finish with a modest sized ice-cream.

By allowing yourself to have your cravings in moderation during the day, you prevent yourself from going overboard later on.

You’ll be able to enjoy your treats and at the same time, lose weight/decrease body fat.
Think about how much more balanced your days would be if you allowed for treats here and there!
You won’t be mentally stressing over your food and you won’t feel deprived of it.
Break free from restriction in order to find that freedom.

With that being said, allow yourself to enjoy all this Halloween candy in moderation my friends!!
Moderation. Not restriction.
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