MoCo Now Has a Mister Softee Truck, Just in Time for Summer

by Michelle Katz

MoCo Now Has a Mister Softee Truck, Just in Time for Summer

We learned recently that a Mister Softee truck is now traveling through the streets of MoCo.

Mister Softee is best known for their sundaes, cones, milkshakes, and cartwheels (ice cream sandwiches). They are also well known for their jingle, which they play aloud from their trucks.

The Mister Softee website shares that they are “the largest franchiser of soft ice cream trucks” in the US. They got their start in Philadelphia and now have over 625 trucks in 18 states.

Prior to the opening of the MoCo truck, the closest Mister Softees could be found on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Richmond, VA.

The MoCoShow’s founder, Alex T., remembers there was a Mister Softee in the area when he was growing up, but MoCo has been without one for many years.

You can learn more about MoCo’s Mister Softee here.

Featured photo courtesy of Mister Softee MD’s instagram.

By: Michelle Katz @pike.and.rozay



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