MoCo Spotlight: Solomon Sapiro, Creator of MyMCPS+

After school last week I noticed my students using an app that I was not familiar with so I asked them what it was. They told me it was called MyMCPS+ (Download here: and that they were using it to see what grade they would need on an upcoming test in order to move up a letter grade or maintain the one they had. Then they showed me how it worked and I was amazed at how simple and easy to use it was.

I reached out to the developer, Solomon Sapiro, and found out that he was a recent graduate of Wootton High School (class of 2017). I ended up meeting with Solomon in College Park, where he attends the University of Maryland, and he told me a little more about the app and himself.

MCPS has moved away from EdLine, which was used by students and parents/guardians to monitor grades. A program called MyMCPS is now used by the county and the website allows students to view their grades. MyMCPS+ (Solomon’s creation) is a grade manager app that allows students and parents to view current grades and see how specific grades on upcoming assignment can affect the overall grade. It uses a color coded system that clearly identifies each different type of grade and is simple enough for anyone from an elementary school student to a grandparent (and everyone in between) to use. Solomon told me that student usernames and passwords are secure and not even he has access to them. The app has over 4,000 downloads in just over two weeks. Oh, and most importantly…it’s FREE.

Solomon was born and raised in Montgomery County. He’s now a freshman at the University of Maryland, where he majors in computer science. He swims, plays tennis, and even has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He created his first iOS app: Classic BrickBreaker, a remake of the popular Blackberry game, when he was just 16 years old…he has been coding since he was 12! He came up with the idea for the app when his sister wanted an easier way to manage her grades and didn’t want to have to do the math on what future grades were needed to maintain her GPA. His friend and classmate at Wootton, Matthew Bottiglieri, designed the logo for the MyMCPS+ app.

Though the app runs smoothly and looks great, Solomon is always looking for ways to upgrade his app in order for it to be as useful as possible. In the near future, he plans to develop an app for popular local winter weather website, MoCoSnow.

Solomon and the App are not affiliated with MCPS

Download the app here:


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