Montgomery County Board of Education Election Results As of Wednesday Morning (7/20/22)

by MCS Staff

With almost all Election Day precincts reporting, below you will see the results of the Non-partisan Montgomery Founty Board of Education races as of 10:00am on Wednesday, July 20:

District 1: Grace Rivera Oven (31,926, 44.89%) has a big lead with 48 of 53 Election Day precincts reporting in District 1. Esther Wells (19,824, 27.87%) is in second place, Alexander Fahmy (10,074, 14.16%) is in third, and Jay Guan (9,302, 13.08%) comes in fourth.

District 3: Julie Yang (44,207, 60.34%) has a commanding lead with 56 of 58 Election Day precincts reporting in District 3. Scott Joftus (15,523, 21.19%) is in second, and Marcus Alzona (13,534, 18.47%) is in third.

District 5: Incumbent Brenda Wolff (27,142, 38.92%) narrowly trails Valerie Coll (27,450, 38.49%) with all 49 Election Day precincts reporting. Dawn Iannaco-Hawn (15,932, 22.59%) is in third.


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