Montgomery County Council to Hold Committee Meetings on Monday, January 30; Updates on Rental Housing Affordability and Behavioral Health Crisis Response

by Patrick Herron

The members of the TE Committee include Chair Evan Glass and Councilmembers Marilyn Balcombe and Kate Stewart.

The Planning, Housing and Parks (PH) Committee will meet at 1:30 p.m. to receive an update on the state of affordable rental housing in Montgomery County.

The members of the PH Committee include Chair Andrew Friedson and Councilmembers Natali Fani-González and Will Jawando.

The joint Public Safety (PS) and Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee will hold a meeting at 2 receive a briefing on the County’s current multi-agency behavioral health crisis response protocols.

The members of the PS Committee include Chair Sidney Katz and Councilmembers Dawn Luedtke and Kristin Mink.

The members of the HHS Committee include Chair Gabe Albornoz and Councilmembers Luedtke and Laurie-Anne Sayles.

Executive Regulation 10-22: Transportation Services Improvement Fund

Review: The TE Committee will review and make a recommendation to the Council on Executive Regulation 10-22, which would formalize changes to the use of the TSIF. The fund is used to provide incentives to taxicab owners and operators to own and operate wheelchair accessible vehicles. Revenue for the TSIF is derived from a 25 cent per ride surcharge on all trips initiating in the County provided by transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft.

State Transportation Priority Letter

Review: The TE Committee will review the state transportation priority letter, which the Council and Council Executive transmit jointly to the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) conveying the County’s funding priorities for MDOT’s Consolidated Transportation Program, its six-year capital budget. The last comprehensive letter was sent on May 14, 2020, with a minor update on June 8, 2022.  A Council public hearing was conducted on the proposed letter on Jan. 24.

General Manager’s Proposed FY24 Operating Budget, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Briefing: The TE Committee will receive an update on the general manager’s proposed FY24 operating budget for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). The proposed operating budget increases bus and rail service, simplifies fares, launches the Better Bus Network Redesign, funds crisis intervention specialists and fully-funds Metro Transit Police Department positions. The proposed capital budget funds zero emission buses and electrification of the Northern and Bladensburg bus garages, opens the new Potomac Yard Station, modernizes customer wayfinding and funds the creation of the Metro Integrated Communications Center. 

State of Rental Housing Affordability in Montgomery County

Briefing: The PH Committee will receive an update on the state of affordable rental housing in Montgomery County. The update will include an overview of rental housing data from Planning Department staff, an update from the Office of Legislative Oversight on the rental housing report, rental housing in Montgomery County and rent regulations in the United States, and an update from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. In addition, the committee will hear observations and experiences related to rental housing affordability from nonprofit affordable housing providers, private market developers and public and nonprofit organizations engaged with renters. More information can be found here.

Behavioral Health Crisis Response

Briefing: The joint PS and HHS Committee will receive an update on the County’s current multi-agency behavioral health crisis response protocols. The purpose of the briefing is to discuss how key agencies and partners currently collaborate and identify potential opportunities to improve services and collaboration among key agencies and partners. The discussion is expected to include information about the County’s Crisis Center, Mobile Crisis Outreach Teams and the Police Crisis Intervention Team.

The Committee meeting schedule may change from time to time. The current Council and Committee agendas, Council staff reports and additional information on items scheduled for Council review can be viewed at:

The Council recommends that residents, who choose to attend in-person Council or committee meetings, get fully vaccinated to protect themselves and others against COVID-19. If this is not possible, virtual participation is encouraged.

Council and committee meetings are streamed live on the Council’s web page via YouTube and on Facebook Live and can be watched on County Cable Montgomery on Xfinity/RCN 6 HD 996/1056, Fios 30, and on the CCM live stream.

Release ID: 23-018
Media Contact: Sonya Healy 240-777-7926, Benjamin Sky Brandt 240-777-7884


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