Montgomery County Executive Candidates Make Super Bowl Predictions

With the Super Bowl just over a week away, I asked the seven Montgomery County Executive candidates for their official Super Bowl predictions and here’s what they had to say along with the official MoCoShow prediction!

Roger Berliner: Patriots win 27-24
David Blair: Eagles win 29-26
Marc Elrich: Patriots win 31-23
Robin Ficker: Eagles win 24-22
Bill Frick: Patriots win 31-14
Rose Krasnow: Eagles win 27-24
George Leventhal: Eagles win 38-35

In a bit of a surprise, four of the candidates have taken the underdog Philadelphia Eagles.

The average score based on the candidate predictions
New England Patriots: 28
Philadelphia Eagles: 26

The Official MoCoShow Prediction
New England Patriots: 30
Philadelphia Eagles: 20


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