Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich Tweets Supports For Return to Phase One

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich Tweets Supports For Return to Phase One

At 12:48 this morning Montgomery County Executive March Elrich tweeted the following:

Need to go back to Phase 1. We’re in danger of overwhelming hospitals, the projections for MD aren’t good -small steps won’t bend the curve in the right direction. We need the new Admin to get real assistance to businesses that bear this load. It’s not blue or red, it’s all of us

This tweet comes in the wake of the second biggest increase in positive cases in the state of Maryland since the pandemic began (which also coincides with a record amount of COVID tests taken by Marylanders in the last few days).

In additional and not directly related news, Governor Hogan will be providing a media briefing at 4pm today to update Marylanders on COVID-19. It will be available to watch live on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.


11 Comments on "Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich Tweets Supports For Return to Phase One"

  1. I think Montgomery County should follow what the Governor is recommending. It is confusing to have two different sets of “rules” . Also, I think if the restrictions are different, it just encourages rebellion. I have witnessed this many times as MOCO does not follow the state recommendations. This should not be a political issue. Everyone needs to wear their masks, practice social distancing, etc.It is simply too hard on the restaurants and small businesses to go backwards. My opinion as a Senior Citizen. Thank you.

  2. Dictatorship is intoxicating

  3. I think that unless the whole country enters in a lockdown, Covid will stay here.
    One state opens the other no…too many bald people fighting for a comb…

  4. It is better to go back to phase one than to lose our people

  5. your so stupid if you go back to phase one then everyone would hate you

  6. I just hope that we all come together to get through this and get back to our life’s with no regrets.

  7. Jose, we should be enforcing as a citizen (if you see a person without mask on tell them to wear one) that is right thing to do. God Bless all of us!!

  8. If society turns itself into government informants to control their neighbour’s mask compliancy, society turn into a sea of suspicion and distrust. Inevitably, violence may follow. Careful what you wish for in the name of public health…

  9. Lockdown for a month or so…vaccinate everyone….done, then we can have a normal summer….. perhaps better to pay us all to stay home, most can not afford it

  10. Stephen Brickel | November 24, 2020 at 7:48 pm | Reply

    While I dread returning to phase 1, I would feel worse to advocate Greed Over People reusulting in more unnecessary deaths. Until the vaccine comes out and is proven to work on a large scale – I agree with the safeguards of Elrich and Dr Fauci.

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