Montgomery County Has Issued a Hypothermia Alert Starting Sunday Night Until Monday Morning

by MCS Staff

Montgomery County has issued a Hypothermia Alert for 8:00 pm Sun. 11/13 until 10:00 am Mon. 11/14. Expect the wind chill to be at or below 32 degrees. Wear layers if you go outside. Take extra precautions if you spend significant time outdoors during that time.

A Hypothermia Alert is issued for the County when forecasted temperatures, and/or wind chill, in at least part of the County fall below 32 degrees creating a hazardous situation in which hypothermia and frostbite are likely.

A Cold Emergency Alert could be issued for the County when dangerously cold conditions are present, including, but not limited to, sub-zero temperatures and wind chill for which it will be dangerous to be outdoors for prolonged periods of time.

There is always particular concern for children, seniors, homeless individuals and animals during periods of extreme cold.

  • Neighbors, friends or family members should check on the elderly, especially a senior living alone. Older people are particularly susceptible to hypothermia, even inside their homes and may need assistance.
  • Children engaged in outdoor activities should be carefully monitored by a responsible adult
  • Everyone spending time outside should dress appropriately to protect against the cold
  • Montgomery County provides a variety of sheltering opportunities for the homeless. Call the police non-emergency line, 301-279-8000 if an individual appears to be in danger.
  • Animals should not be left outside unattended.  See more information about animal care below.
  • Residents in need of a place to warm up can visit County facilities such as libraries or recreation centers, or ride a Ride On bus, during normal operating hours. Ride on bus fares are free at this time. Face Coverings are required.

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lilk November 13, 2022 - 10:59 pm

RideOn fares ARE NOT FREE. Since 1 August 2022 they have been charging / collecting fare.

Montgomery County says to phone Everymind when a homeless person is seen and needs help. That number is a recording and not a way to speak to someone at DHHS. We continually send billions to Ukraine but there are homeless on the streets!

MCS Staff November 14, 2022 - 6:16 am

They’re free during Hypothermia Alerts


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