Montgomery County to Pay $400,000 to Man Kneed in the Head During 2019 Arrest

by Patrick Herron

Montgomery County to Pay $400,000 to Man Kneed in the Head During 2019 Arrest

Arnaldo Pesoa, whose 2019 arrest went viral after video footage showed him being kneed in the head by a Montgomery County police officer while laying facedown in handcuffs on a sidewalk, will receive a $400,000 settlement from Montgomery County.

The arrest occurred outside of McDonald’s in Aspen Hill. Pesoa was suspected of selling drugs.

Kevin Moris, the officer who kneed Pesoa, was convicted of the assault and was sentenced to a 90-day suspended sentence in 2020. Moris claimed Pesoa was resisting arrest.

According to NBC4, Pesoa filed his lawsuit in 2020, claiming he suffered a concussion and that the knee to his head could have caused life-threatening injuries.

In a statement, Pesoa’s attorney Timothy Maloney said, “Mr. Pesoa hopes this case will lead to real reform, and “No police officer should ever slam their knee onto the neck of another human being”.

Video of the incident can be seen in here.


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Steven S Lapham July 20, 2021 - 1:15 pm

I wish this brief news item would also mention that a jury of his peer convicted Kevin Moris of the assault and he was on his way to prison … when a judge stepped in, softening the consequence to a 90-day suspended sentence. No community service was required of Mr. Moris. No reconciliation process or learning is observable in this charade. Mr. Moris apparently spent the time sulking and working on carpentry in his back room. Apparently he is back on the MCPD police force. Is this justice? Are residents safe when this officer is around?


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