Montgomery County to Reinstate Some Covid Restrictions, Pending Council Approval

Montgomery County to Reinstate Some Covid Restrictions, Pending Council Approval


UPDATE: This was approved unanimously today (11/10).

After delaying the vote until this coming Tuesday, November 10th, the county has released an updated version of the executive order.

Included in the updated order are the restrictions that would be in effect pending approval, which includes:

• Childcare facilities- must continue to follow phase two restrictions.

• Gyms/Fitness Centers- limit 1 patron per 200 sq. ft. of indoor space or 25% occupancy, whichever number
is lower.

• Restaurants/Bars/etc.

–  establishment shall not exceed 25% of that facility’s maximum indoor occupancy

– all alcoholic beverages are off all tables and collected from patrons by 10 p.m. (went into effect on Friday, 11/6).

– may continue to sell food items via delivery or carry-out after 10 p.m.

• Bowling alleys- number of patrons is limited to 25% occupancy or a maximum of 25 people, whichever number is lower.

• Retail establishments- limit 1 customer per 200 sq. ft of in-store space or 25% occupancy, whichever number is lower

• Religious facilities- shall be determined by dividing the total square footage of the worship space by 50, however total number of individuals shall not exceed 25% of permitted occupancy; and occupancy numbers shall include faith leaders, volunteers, and congregants.

The full order can be found here.


7 Comments on "Montgomery County to Reinstate Some Covid Restrictions, Pending Council Approval"

  1. '
  2. are you guys going to shutdown

  3. So kids can go back to school but you are restricting the amount if people allowed indoors? That doesn’t make much sense

  4. Kids can be crammed in school but churches have to calculate based on square footage? Where are our priorities?

    • Most of these rising cases have nothing to do with restaurants or retail etc… But family and friend gatherings, maybe even retirement homes… Let’s not completely shut down and ruin the entire economy when it’s trying to recuperate. We have no stimulus plan and every other help is ending…

  5. If anyone actually read the reopening plan for schools they would know it’s not happening anytime soon. We are already above the positivity rate for school to be allowed to resume in person. Hogan already warned that people need to get it together before he starts shutting stuff down again. It’s coming soon.

  6. Hurr Durr follow the science. Socialist morons

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