Montgomery Parks Hosts Urban Wood Sale

by MCS Staff

Montgomery Parks is hosting the department’s first-ever  Urban Wood Sale on Saturday, November 13, and Sunday, November 14, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Green Farm Maintenance Facility, 8301 Turkey Thicket Drive in Gaithersburg.

Each year, Montgomery Parks removes hundreds of hazardous dead and dying trees from the park system. Through the department’s Green Waste Recycling Program, some of the removed trees are turned into wood products that are reused within the parks department, such as mulch, compost, and lumber.

“We wanted to bring public awareness to urban wood recycling and what Montgomery Parks is doing to produce sustainable wood products that are used in our park operations,” said Senior Urban Forester Colter Burkes. “This wood sale will allow people to buy unique pieces of lumber and support local wood recycling efforts.”

The sale will feature milled wood, wood chunks, and burls that can be used for woodworking, furniture building or repair, carpentry, or general hobby wood projects. Available lumber includes ash, cherry, maple, oak, mulberry, locust, and poplar, in a variety of dimensions. All lumber is rough-sawn and un-planed.

Wood will be available while supplies last and can be purchased by credit card only.


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