Montgomery Village: ‘Tia Pepa’ Celebrates Her 107th Birthday

by MCS Staff

“Tia Pepa”, as she’s affectionately known by friends and family has just celebrated her 107th birthday.

Tia Pepa immigrated from Cuba to Maryland almost 50 years ago, primary living in neighboring Prince George’s County. Her grandniece Elizabeth was born and raised in MoCo so Tia Pepa would visit every weekend and walk around Lakeforest Mall mall and go to Price Club (now Costco) for her weekly shopping.

Six years ago, when her younger sister passed, she moved in with her family in Montgomery County. Tia Pepa now lives in Montgomery Village overlooking Lake Whetstone, and enjoys word searches and making car ornaments for her friends and family. She even voted in the last election (photo below)!

We wish her a happy 107th birthday!


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