MVF Announces Board of Directors Election Results

by Patrick Herron

Ayres, Dyer and Rabil elected to 2022 MVF Board of Directors

Three candidates for the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors were elected to fill the three ending term seats on the Board. After about eight weeks of campaigning, meet and greet events and online candidate interviews, the results have been tallied.

On Saturday, March 19, the Election Committee and MVF staff counted ballots (via teleconference) received in the weeks prior to the deadline. Counting began around 9 a.m. and was completed by noon. Of the six candidates in the election, Dick Rabil, Doniele Ayres and Scott Dyer received the most votes, respectively (see below for vote tallies).

Rabil will replace outgoing Board member Andrew Bird (who opted not to seek re-election after his first term on the MVF Board). Ayres and Dyer were re-elected to another three-year term each, continuing their years of service on the MVF Board.

The newly elected were officially installed as Board members on Thursday, March 24 during the MVF Annual Meeting. Each will serve a three-year term. During the meeting, new officers of the MVF Board were elected.

Scott Dyer was elected President; Doniele Ayres was elected Vice President; and Past President Pete Webb and Director Pam Bort were elected as the third voting memeber and alternate of the Executive Committee, respectively. These positions carry a one-year term, and will be voted on again in March 2023.


Rabil, Dick – 2,418
Ayres, Doniele – 2,082
Dyer, Scott – 1,840
Tutse-Tonwe, Tosan – 1,772
Della Rocca, Brian R. – 1,666
Bennetts, Albert – 288


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