NBC’s Saved By the Bell Reboot Will Have MoCo Ties

by MCS Staff

NBC’s Saved by The Bell reboot will have MoCo ties

Back in January it was announced that Mark-Paul Gosselaar has completed a deal to revive his role as Zack Morris in Peacock’s forthcoming Saved by the Bell (Peacock is NBC’s streaming service).

Did the gang move to Montgomery County? No…but the show will have a star that was raised in the county.

Walter Johnson alum, John Michael Higgins, plays the “Mr. Belding” role. He stars as principal Ronald Toddman in the series.

Higgins is known for his roles in Pitch Perfect, Bad Teacher, Yes Man, and many other films and television series.

Though Higgins now lives in California, he still visits frequently and still had family in the area. His sister is an MCPS P.E. teacher.

The show is now available to stream on Peacock.


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