New Bethesda Studio Offering Salon Suite Rentals (sponsored)

by Patrick Herron

Amor Studios provides salon suite rentals at a beautiful, class A location in the heart of Bethesda. The salon owner, Kellye Amor created Amor Studios to give stylists and other beauty professionals a way to maintain control of their own career and keep what they earn. Spaces are limited so reserve your spot today!  Contact Amor Studios at 240-349-7393 or

For over a decade, Kellye Amor worked at a big salon. She, like most stylists, gave up a significant amount of her money to the shop.  As her clientele grew, the pain of having to give the salon a large percentage of the money reduced the benefit of growing her client base.  She had to work twice as hard to earn a living.

Kellye wanted to work at a location where she could keep what she earns and service her clients in a drama-free environment.  She looked extensively and discovered that most rental salons were either too small, too expensive, in terrible locations, or all three.

Kellye and her husband, Dennis decided that their best option was to open their own shared salon space.  It had to be in a great location and have everything that an independent stylist needed.

They ran into one sizeable problem.

Renting a location in the DMV region is so expensive that she would have to charge other stylists high rental fees to cover the cost of renting the facility.

The solution? Buy the salon space. It required a considerably greater upfront investment. However, owning the space allowed them to provide everything that a stylist needs at reasonable rates.

Kellye’s dream has become a reality.  Amor Studios is located in the heart of Bethesda at 4964 Fairmont Ave. This location happens to be in the same structure that houses luxury condominiums.  It’s the ideal location to meet and welcome current clients and attract new ones.

Contact Amor Studios at 240-349-7393 or


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