New Gluten-Free Marketplace in Damascus!


New Gluten-Free Marketplace in Damascus!

A gluten-free marketplace, currently known as Impasta,  just opened in Damascus. The marketplace sells a variety of gluten-free items made in house.

Their menu currently lists handmade pastas, sauces, ravioli, lasagnas, and “impastry” such as cookies, scones, pies, and tiramisu.

Impasta is run by a husband and wife team, Patrick and Erica Esteve. Per their website, they started this business after being consistently disappointed with the available gluten free pastas and decided to make their own instead. The products made by Impasta are designed to cook, taste, and feel that same as pasta and pastries that traditionally contain gluten.

Impasta is located on Main Street in Damascus, and has taken over the location formerly occupied by Pizza Hut.  They are currently in their soft opening and are anticipating a grand opening around December 2nd.

Impasta is in the process of changing their name– they made some pivots to their business model due to COVID and felt that a new name would be a better fit.


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  1. '
  2. Can’t wait to go there !! So few places that have “good” gluten free food. Thank you !

  3. Omg so excited!!

  4. The food is amazing, I’ve had their cookies, scones,. Tiramisu, and thier cheesecake which is delightful

  5. Jerry Callistein | November 29, 2020 at 1:59 pm | Reply

    I’ve been gluten-free since 1998. During that time things have improved a lot, but I have yet to find baked goods or pasta that are on a par with traditional items, though Barilla gluten-free pasta and Tate’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies come really close.

    It is very exciting to think I’ll be able to go to a grocery store where I could eat anything I want! Problem is that I might get fat eating everything I haven’t been able to for the past 22 years 🙂

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