New Park Service Master Plan for White’s Ferry

by MCS Staff

The National Park Service owns about 65 acres of land around White’s Ferry and are developing a master plan for the area. The first planning session about the master plan was presented by a contractor running the project earlier this month. They outlined a preliminary sketch of proposed improvements for the land, which are designed around outdoor recreation activities.

A major charge of the C & O Canal Park system is to help educate the public about the history of the canal. The new plan does not include any facilities or projects focusing on the history of the area where White’s Ferry is situated. At one time, some 100 ferries crossed the Potomac. They were a vital part of the canal’s operations, bringing grain, finished goods and materials across the river to be sent up and down the canal for processing and use. There was once a granary at Whites Ferry itself. You can see its remains as you drive into the Ferry.

Some attending the presentation proposed that the Park Service locate a museum dedicated to the role and history of ferries along the Potomac at White’s Ferry. “White’s Ferry is a perfect place to locate such a museum since the ferry is a “living history” example of what once existed along the Potomac. A museum like this would be educational and become another attraction for our area.”

The entire presentation from Planning Session can be seen in the link. Information courtesy of the Town of Poolesville website.


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