NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Does Not Plan to Release Report on Washington Football Team’s Reported Workplace Misconduct, Says Owner Dan Snyder Has Been “Held Accountable”

by MCS Staff

Roger Goodell said, at a press conference from the owners meetings in New York onTuesday night, that he does not have any plans to release a report on the Washington Football Team’s reported workplace misconduct, but says that Washington owner Dan Snyder has been “held accountable.”

That questioning at the press conference came after former Washington Football Team employees delivered a letter, which was signed by 12 former employees, to the NFL’s Social Justice Working Group, in an attempt to make the findings of the league’s investigation into the team public.

The NFL decided against releasing the results of Beth Wilkinson’s investigation into Washington’s toxic workplace culture. Earlier this month, however, several emails from former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden to former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen were leaked and deemed offensive, costing Gruden his job.

The NFL fined the Washington Football Team $10 million and Dan Snyder ceded daily functions to his wife, Tanya Snyder.

“I do think he’s been held accountable for, I think the organization has been held accountable,” Goodell said.

“And I think we’ve given an unprecedented fine. Dan Snyder has not been involved with the franchise for now almost four months. We, obviously, have focused more on making sure that the policies that they had, many of which they put into place prior to this investigation, but also coming out of it, were put into place and that they will be maintained, and that we can ensure that that will happen at this organization.”

Roger Goodell


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