Nips Juice House Coming to Silver Spring

by Patrick Herron

Nips Juice House Coming to Silver Spring

Source of the Spring reports that Nips Juice House will be coming this summer to 8710 Cameron St, the former location of Jimmy John’s.  Nips currently has one other location at 3261 Plaza Way in Waldorf, MD.

In addition to cold pressed juices, Nips will also offer smoothies, acai bowls, and wellness shots.

Visit their website at

About Nips:

“Hello we are the founders Chris and Chiara and we are here to serve our community with health optimizing food options. We both grew up in a poor neighborhood in the South Bronx in a community where we didn’t have the resources to learn about the importance of having a healthy balanced diet due to our economic status. We often ate what was available which more often than not was something likely not good for you. It was not until joining the military and traveling the world that we learned about the importance and the impact that the foods we consumed did to our bodies.

After being stationed in the fast-paced bubble known as the DMV we were struggling to live a healthier lifestyle due to our busy work schedule, the dreaded beltway traffic and our son’s sporting activities; we were once again put in a situation in which our environment dictated our health choices. We quickly found out that this community lacked healthy food options…..

In the midst of trying to maintain our healthy lifestyle and still meet all of our other obligations we discovered juicing and smoothies which became an easy and fast option but also provided us with the essential vitamins that are body needs to optimize its functions and it tasted delicious!!!

Starting small with juicing at home and telling our friends and family how good this made us feel, our increased energy, feeling more rested, and our overall health was at an all-time high!! We would then start getting request from friends and family to make them juices which we obliged because we understood that they were facing the same issues we faced in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With motivation from our friends and family is with great pleasure that we share the benefits of freshly made juices and smoothies with our community!

Nips Juice House has been a labor of love, as a couple from the Bronx beating many adversaries have made their dream come true and making the American dream a reality.

We want to welcome all of you to YOUR House, Nips Juice House!”


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