Norfolk Avenue Streetery Survey Open Through Tuesday, Jan. 31

by Patrick Herron

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation is asking residents to share their thoughts on the Bethesda Streetery on Norfolk Ave via an online survey. The Streetery was created in 2020 to allow additional restaurant seating outdoors in downtown Bethesda.  A sample question from the survey can be seen below:
“What is your preference for the future of Norfolk Ave?

  • Remove the Streetery and go back to the way it was before.

The map shows that the Norfolk Avenue Streetery currently exists between Del Ray Avenue and St. Elmo Avenue, and that the study area is composed of Norfolk Avenue between Rugby Avenue and Woodmont Avenue. The study area also includes portions of Auburn Avenue, Del Ray Avenue, St Elmo Avenue, and Fairmont Avenue.

“The map on this page shows the current extent of the Streetery on Norfolk Avenue in red (between Del Ray Avenue and St Elmo Avenue). The project study area is shown with a dotted black line. The study area extends along Norfolk Avenue from Rugby Avenue to Woodmont Avenue. The study area also includes cross streets, approximately 100 feet in both directions from Norfolk Avenue.”


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