North Carolina Fire is Likely Cause of Smokey Smell Across Montgomery County

by MCS Staff

Lt. Franco Martinez of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services (MCFRS) has addressed multiple calls regarding smoke or a smokey smell in various parts of the county. Per Lt. Martinez, “Is there something in the air in Montgomery County? Apparently there is. Our department is getting multiple calls for smoke in the area. It just might be from a very large fire in North Carolina. Fire departments in the DMV getting the same reports.”

Per an OuterBanksVoice tweet, “Tyrrell County Wildfire now 34% contained. March 26 update from the North Carolina Forest Service. The Last Resort Fire in Tyrrell County is 34% contained as of 4 p.m., March 26. Due to more accurate mapping, the fire is 5,200 acres in size.”


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