Notes From Governor Hogan’s 11/10 Press Conference


Notes From Governor Hogan’s 11/10 Press Conference

Maryland has had seven straight days with more than 1,000 new cases. Yesterday, for the first time since June 25, our 7-day statewide positivity rate crossed over the 5% benchmark of the CDC and WHO. Now at 5.24%


11 of 24 jurisdictions now over that 5% mark.


Nationwide, COVID-19 hospitalizations surged to a record high yesterday with over 59,000 patients. In Maryland, total COVID-19 hospitalizations are at 761, which is the highest since June 13, and 176 patients are in ICU, which is the highest since June 27.


Maryland’s case rate has risen to 19.8 per 100k,  which is a 36% increase in the past week. Case rates are above 10 per 100k in 18 jurisdictions in Maryland and above 20 per 100k in 7 jurisdictions in Maryland.


Contact tracing shows a marked increase in the number of people infected with the virus who were at family gatherings, recently dined indoors at a restaurant, and among those who traveled out of state.


“The virus has returned to our state in a big way.“


“We do not want to take actions that will further burden our struggling small businesses, or actions to shut down our economy.”


Effective tomorrow, 11/11 at 5pm, the capacity for indoor operations at bars and restaurants will be reduced from 75% back to 50% for seated and distanced service only (Montgomery County has already reduced to 25% indoor capacity).


There is an expanded advisory for all out-of-state travel. All Marylanders are strongly advised to avoid all nonessential travel to any state with a positivity rate above 10% or an average case rate of 20 cases per 100k.


New public health advisory strongly warning against any indoor gatherings of 25 people or more.

Governor Larry Hogan’s full amended order can be seen here.


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  1. how long do we have to wear the masks and when is this virus going to be over

    • 2 stupid questions.

      Thanks to all of the Karens out there who feel their constitutional rights are in jeopardy over mask wearing policies.

      My company does not comply with MoCo mask wearing policies, which pisses me off, and they service MoCo schools. 4 have tested positive and my enmpany does not enforce the 14-day quarantine policy followed by testing to confirm not being positive. Bunch of winners.

      Keep wearing them and practice social distancing until told otherwise.

      This country as a whole could have been shut down for 2 weeks back in March, but a bunch of snowflakes decided to cry about it. So the whole country got f’d when politics got involved. Here we are 7 months later and my kids are still home. We’ll probably go through another shutdown and Biden will somehow get blamed for it on January 21st.

  2. As long as it takes, Jennifer.

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