Notes From Governor Hogan’s 11/17 Press Conference


Notes From Governor Hogan’s 11/17 Press Conference

We have now had 13 straight days with more than 1,000 new cases of Covid-19 and those numbers continue to rise.

Maryland Department of Health reported 2,149 new cases in just the past 24 hours.

Average case rate has risen to 29, which is a 46% increase over the past week. Case rates have now risen above 10 in all 24 jurisdictions and above 20 in 18 jurisdictions.

Today Maryland has surpassed 1,000 Covid-19 hospitalizations for the first time since June 7th.

Hospital capacity is up 100% since November 1. 255 patients are currently in the ICU, the highest level since June 19th.

“Maryland hospitals are now reaching capacity. All of this requires additional, immediate actions to prevent overburdening our healthcare system and to stop more Marylanders from dying.”

Today the Maryland Department of Health is issuing an order to restrict hospital visitation statewide until further notice, with the exceptions of compassionate care, parents or guardians of minors, obstetrics, and support for patients with disabilities. The order can be seen here.

Effective Friday, November 20th at 5pm, all bars, restaurants, and facilities where food and/or alcohol are served will be required to close by 10pm (already in effect in MoCo).

Takeout and delivery services are encouraged to continue, but in-person dining will not be permitted between 10pm and 6am

Effective Friday, 11/20 at 5pm, all retail businesses and religious institutions statewide will revert back to the Stage 2 50% capacity restrictions (already at 25% in MoCo).

Effective Friday, 11/20 at 5pm, fans will no longer be permitted at any professional or collegiate stadiums or racetracks.

Governor Hogan encourages college students who are planning to return home, anyone visiting an older relative, and anyone returning from any out of state travel to get tested.


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  2. GoI think moco is going back to lockdown in a week or two and Maryland will go back to phase 1.

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