Notes From Governor Hogan’s 12/10 Press Conference


Notes From Governor Hogan’s 12/10 Press Conference

For the first time all of Maryland’s jurisdictions are in the “red zone.”

20 straight days with more than 2,000 new cases.

1,720 Covid patients are hospitalized today in Maryland, which is our highest total ever during the pandemic (including 416 Marylanders in the ICU, which is the highest level since June 6th).

88% of staffed acute beds are occupied. 87% of ICU beds are occupied. 143 surge beds are currently in use.

“We are continuing to monitor all of our data metrics to determine what additional statewide mitigation actions may be required.”

Congress must take action in a Covid 19 relief package.

Over $215 million of Maryland’s $500 million economic relief package has now been provided through Covid 19 emergency relief fund to more than 16,000 businesses.

$50 million has been distributed to all 24 jurisdictions for our restaurant relief fund to support both indoor and outdoor dining.

MD provided $75 million in emergency loans to Maryland businesses and all $75 million will be forgiven and converted to grants.

MD is funding $25 million in low-income housing tax credit projects.

“Every day we try to balance all those competing priorities. We’re trying to save people’s lives first and foremost, keep hospitals from overflowing but we’re trying to keep as many businesses open as possible.”

”We’re gonna continue to take more actions as we see fit.”

“Indoor dining is an issue if there are people crowded in to bars and restaurants, not wearing masks. We took actions.”

Why not announce statewide restrictions? Would another round of stimulus make it easier for you to shut things down?

“We are trying to make the decisions that are balanced and appropriate based on the facts on the ground.”

”County leaders are able to make their own decisions about being more restrictive…and they have.”


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