Notes From Governor Hogan’s 2/11 Press Conference

by MCS Staff

Notes From Governor Hogan’s 2/11 Press Conference

These notes are paraphrased:


• Positivity rate has dropped to the lowest rate since November 8th.

• Case rate is at its lowest since November 9th.

• Case rate has dropped across all age groups.

• Covid hospitalizations have dropped each week in the last four weeks. Lowest number of hospitalizations since November 22.

• The Maryland Department of Health will issue new orders to allow limited visitation to resume at Maryland hospitals. Order can be seen here.

Each hospital will set its own policies, in compliance with CDC guidelines.

• 22 of 24 school districts have either started to return to in-person instruction or have agreed to by March 1 (CDC does not require teachers to be vaccinated prior to return).

• The state will provide more than 1 million Covid tests (rapid and PCR) proportional to the number of students and staff returning for in-person learning. It will be a free and voluntary program that school systems have ability to opt-in.

• Governor Hogan will meet with President Biden tomorrow. “We are a imply not receiving enough vaccines.”

• Just because you are eligible doesn’t mean you will be able to get a vaccine. It’s likely to continue like this for the foreseeable future.

• “We need more damn vaccines.” Only the Federal government can buy vaccines and only the federal government can send us vaccines.

• The only thing we can do is vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

• There are now more than 2,300 distribution points for vaccines across the state.

• Now averaging over 26,000 shots per day (vaccines)

• As of today MD has administered over 785,000 vaccines to the 2.1 million Marylanders that are eligible. Now we are simply waiting for more vaccines to arrive.

• When you hear county leaders say “we only get X number of doses for our county, it’s false.” They’re referring to what the local health department received, not what all providers in the county received.

• We fully understand their frustration. There aren’t enough vaccines yet.

• Governor Hogan has directed state health officials to provide county leaders with four-week projections for vaccine allocations for their local health department clinics. This will help provide stability and certainty.

• Beyond the two-week projections that the federal government is currently providing to states.

• MD’s next mass vaccination site at M&T Bank Stadium will open two weeks from today, on Thursday, 2/25

Appointments will become available next week.


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