Notes from Governor Hogan’s 2/23 Press Conference

Notes from Governor Hogan’s 2/23 Press Conference

The notes below are paraphrased:

• MD has entered into agreements with UMD and Johns Hopkins to double the state’s surveillance of coronavirus variants to more than 10% of cases, which is the level recommended by public health experts.

• Testing for variants is higher than most other states.

• Fourth mass-vaccination site is opening at Regency Furniture Stadium in Charles County by March 11th (FEMA supported site)

• Next month an appointment pre-registration system for the state-run mass vaccination sites will be available.

• An executive order has been issued clarifying that face coverings are required for anyone over the age of five in any area of a school setting where interaction with others is likely.

• Be aware of fraud surrounding Covid vaccinations. Do not provide payment or social security number to anyone claiming to need the information for a vaccination. You cannot be charged for a vaccine.

• Dr. Chan is providing and update on Maryland’s response to Covid variants. More information from the CDC can be found here.

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