Notes From Governor Hogan’s 3/9 Press Conference

by MCS Staff

Notes From Governor Hogan’s 3/9 Press Conference

(notes may be paraphrased)

• MD’s case rate per 100k has dropped by more than 76% to 12.9%, which is better than 32 other states.

• MD’s positivity rate has declined by more than 64%, to just 3.4%, which is better than 39 other states.

• Nursing homes with active cases has dropped by 59%

• Hospitalizations down 59%, from nearly 2,000 to 792, which is lowest since 11/10/2020

• MD is conducting surveillance testing at one of the highest rates in the country and sequencing for coronavirus variants at one of the highest rates in the world.

• More than half of Marylanders over 65 and more than half of our entire Phase 1 population has been vaccinated.

• Demand for the vaccines continues to exceed the supply. Supply will remain in the same level for approximately two weeks before we see an increase.

• Effective Friday, 3/12 at 5pm, capacity limits will be lifted on outdoor and indoor dining. Restaurants will still be limited to seated and distanced service only.

Local jurisdictions are not required to follow these guidelines.

• Effective Friday, 3/12, other large outdoor and indoor venues will expand to 50% capacity, including conference and wedding venues, concert venues, conventions, theaters, racing facilities, and sporting venues.

Local jurisdictions are not required to follow these guidelines.

• Masking, physical distancing, and other safety protocols will remain in place for all indoor and outdoor business and establishments.

Updated executive order available here.

• Quarantine requirements and other restrictions regarding out-of-state travel will also be lifted.

• Employers are encouraged to continue supporting telework when possible.

• Statewide masking order REMAINS IN FULL EFFECT.

• We can’t afford to undo the progress we’ve al made together.

• We are closer to the light at the end of the tunnel and a return to some kind of normalcy in our lives.


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SvL March 10, 2021 - 12:42 pm

If Texas and Florida can fully reopen then Maryland can too! This is just throwing us some crumbs so he can stay in control! Get rid of the Damn Masks! Remove all Restrictions!

Jennie M Wallace March 10, 2021 - 9:09 pm

Want to remove all restrictions and masks? Talk to any nurse who has been taking care of COVID patients. Ask her/him how they feel about watching someone struggle to breathe or die with no family member present. Know why that nurse has been able to take care of your loved ones? Masks! Medical personnel are exhausted. Don’t lift the restrictions to fast. We will have another surge.,.more people will die. Wear your mask…it’s not that big a deal!


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