Notes From Governor Hogan’s Press Conference on Budget Recovery

by MCS Staff

Notes From Governor Hogan’s Press Conference on Budget Recovery

Our regular notetaker is unavailable for this press conference so we are sharing tweets by Governor Hogan’s communications director, Mike Ricci.

Last spring, state budget officials presented us with projections showing an immediate 50% drop in revenues and $7.5 billion in long-term losses.

Our recovery budget delivers:

✅Immediate tax and stimulus relief
✅Record investments in education, crime prevention, public health, and top priorities
✅Lays the foundation for a strong recovery

For the seventh year in a row, the governor’s budget is structurally balanced. We’ve achieved this without tax increases, layoffs, or cuts to essential services.

The governor is again proposing major tax relief for Maryland retirees. He is also calling for an expansion of the Hometown Heroes Tax Credit, and an increase in the tax exemption for all military retiree pensions.

SCHOOLS. The governor’s recovery budget includes a record $7.5 billion for K-12 education. It holds schools harmless from declining enrollment figures.

Every school system will see increased investment by the state.

The governor’s budget includes resources for targeting tutoring programs to address learning loss, expanding full-day Pre-K, and growing the BOOST program to help low-income students attend non-public schools.

The governor’s budget includes record funding for community colleges. And we are again holding the line on tuition increases.

On the environment, we are again fully funding Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts, as well as Program Open Space.

The governor’s budget provides a record $978 million for mental health and substance abuse programs. Funding to fight the opioid epidemic has increased by 562% since FY 2016.

The governor’s budget boosts resources across the board for public health. More for providers, more for in-home care for the elderly, increases funding for local health departments.



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