Notes From MCPD Press Conference: Other Students Present in Bathroom During Shooting

by Patrick Herron

Montgomery County Police held a press conference Monday evening at Magruder High School. Police Chief Marcus Jones, State’s Attorney John McCarthy, MCPS Interim Superintendent Monifa McKnight, and County Executive Marc Elrich spoke.

Chief Marcus Jones:

-The victim is still listed as critical and had an additional surgery today.

-Initially not a call for police because it was called in as an injured person.

-First law enforcement at the scene was a Sheriff’s Deputy assigned as a community engagement officer for Magruder.

-There was an ongoing dispute between the victim and shooter and the matter was predetermined to be settled between the victim and the shooter in the bathroom at that time.

-Other students are believed to have been present in the bathroom at the time of the shooting. These students did not notify MCPS staff or 9-1-1/police about the incident.

-Students gave the suspect and victim’s information out over twitter.

-Victim was located during hall sweep by MCPS school security at 12:53.

-Ghost gun that was used by the suspect was purchased by the suspect online and delivered to his home.

-Victim did not identify who shot him and did not provide information to police.

State’s Attorney John McCarthy said that there were 16 ghost guns seized in Montgomery County in 2019, 70 seized in 2020.

Monifa McKnight:
-To support students and staff, Magruder’s schedule will be a half day tomorrow. Virtual support has been available since Friday.

-Students at Magruder will be provided with excused absences over the next few days if they do not feel safe or are too overwhelmed to return to school.

-Enhanced police officers this week at Magruder and there will be police presence at all high schools over the next week.

-County officials will reevaluate community engagement officer/SRO program.

-MCPS and Montgomery County will do a comprehensive review of all security practices.


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Susan O’Brien January 24, 2022 - 10:13 pm

You think maybe having an SRO in each school might be a good idea now?!? MCPS continues to be reactive instead of proactive! Common sense is a thing of the past!
Retired MCPS – 30 years


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