Novel Books in Clarksburg Has Closed

by Patrick Herron

Novel Books in Clarksburg Has Closed

Novel Books at 23330 Frederick Rd has permanently closed.  A sign on the door from owner Patrick Darby reads, “My Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2018 left me financially vulnerable. The pandemic lockdown killed the business because the bulk of the sales were offsite conventions, which haven’t returned yet”

We met Darby back in 2019 and he told us that he has been selling books since he got out of college back in 1981. He worked for Crown Books for a while before he got tired of the corporate attitude of selling books and wanted to get back to the basics. He opened Novel Books opened back in 2011 and has been in its current location, in the historic district of Clarksburg, since 2014.

He goes on to thank the landlord and loyal costumers. Full letter below:

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