Olney’s Got Buns

Olney’s Got Buns

168 Asian Burrito in Olney has brought the buns to Olney (18000 Georgia Avenue).

The latest in MoCo’s secret gas station food spots has added what they call “Chinese buns” to the menu (also known as Bao).

You can order the steamed buns with pork belly, shrimp tempura, popcorn chicken, or spicy crab salad.

The buns join Asian burritos, rice bowls, wings, salads, sandwiches, and more on the menu

168 Asian Burrito has a 5 star average on Yelp with over 70 reviews.

“I like Olney. The people are so nice and very friendly.” Chen said when I asked him about his first six months in Olney in a November 2019 interview. “Every day is a good day because of the people.”


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