Our Expert Panel Narrows Down The Field of 38 County Council At-Large Candidates

by MCS Staff
38 candidates have officially filed to run for four At-Large County Council seats in Montgomery County.

While there’s a lot of campaigning left to do, I decided to put together a panel of six people that are pretty involved in the happenings within our county so that we can figure out which candidates may be leading this race a few months before the primaries.

Our panel consists of the following people (top left to right in the photo, then bottom left to right):

• Laura Stewart (Education Advocate)

• Kevin O’Rourke (Founder/Editor, GermantownPulse.net)

• Ryan Miner (Founder/Editor, AMinerDetail.com)

• Dan Reed (Founder/Editor, JustUpThePike.com)

• Alex Tsironis (MCPS Teacher, Founder/Editor, www.mocoshow.com)

• Andrew Ross (Owner, Great Kids Events)

Here’s how this works:

We each submitted a “Top Ten” list of candidates that we feel have the best chance at winning. The lists provided were not to be influenced by any candidate(s) we may support personally.

A first place finish on the list earns the candidate 10 points, second place earns the candidate 9 points, third place = 8 points and so on. No points are awarded to candidates left off of any list.

The total points were added up and a “Top Ten” list of candidates was created based on how many points each candidate earned through their ranking on our panelists lists (all candidates can be found here: www.paulbessel.com/montgomery-county-maryland-candidates-list/#county_council_at_large_filed)

10. Cherri Branson (Montgomery County’s Procurement Director)

​9. Danielle Meitiv (“Free Range Mom”)

8. Jill Ortman-Fouse (Montgomery County Board of Education Member)

7. Will Jawando (Attorney/Activist)

6. Hoan Dang (Community Organizer/Activist)

5. Marilyn Balcombe (President, Gaithersburg/Germantown Chamber of Commerce)

4. Gabe Albornoz (Montgomery County’s Recreation Director)

3. Bill Conway (Attorney)

2. Evan Glass (Executive Director- Gandhi Brigade)

1. Hans Riemer (Montgomery County Council President)

A few notes:

– Every panelist listed at least one candidate that didn’t make the cumulative list.

– All but two panelists had sole incumbent, Hans Riemer, in the first place slot on their list.

– The absence of a name on the “Top Ten” list does not mean that candidate does not have a chance to win, just as the presence of a name on the list does not guarantee anything.

– One candidate made the majority of the panelists lists, but still did not earn enough points to make the top ten cumulative list.

​- One candidate only made two of the panelists lists and still made the top ten cumulative list.


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