Outdoor Sculpture Garden at Sandy Spring Museum Opens August 4th

by Patrick Herron
Outdoor Sculpture Garden at Sandy Spring Museum Opens August 4th

Artina 2021: Balancing Acts is the latest sculpture exhibit hosted jointly by the Washington Sculptors Group and Sandy Spring Museum.

Artina will be on display on the grounds of the Sandy Spring Museum from August 4 through November 6.

We stopped by for a preview of the exhibit on Tuesday, August 3rd. Photos below.

From Sandy Spring Museum:

A juried exhibit featuring 12 original works created by 10 local artists who are members of the Washington Sculptors Group.  The sculptures are exhibited throughout the grounds of Sandy Spring Museum.

In this exhibit, artists respond to the concept of balance, which is a dynamic force of nature and constantly in flux.  The world is out of kilter, with natural as well as social systems listing to extremes. “What we need,” we say, “is balance; balance must be restored.” But what do we mean by “balance” and what is our relationship to it?  What has the chaos of the past year taught us about the human need for balance?  Can we ever achieve balance or is it an elusive chimera?

This is the fifth

On Exhibit
Struggle (1) and Within a Dark Forest (2) by Adam Bradley

Dean (1) and Olympia (2) by Annie Farrar

Balance of Industry and Nature, Vulnerability of Nature by Stephanie Garon

Unearthing the Roots by Dalya Luttwak

On the Edge by Mary Opasik

About to Fly by Sookkyung Park

Coextensive Coexistance by Marc Robarge

Mother Earth II by Belen Sorzana

Balance Counterbalance by Veronica Szalus

Accident by Ira Tattelman

About the Juror
Twylene Moyer, editor of Sculpture magazine, has published in a wide range of periodicals, monographs, and catalogues. She is the co-editor of five books on contemporary sculpture, including The New Earthwork: Art, Action, Agency. In addition to serving as a juror for a variety of shows, she curated “Insight Out” and “Disintegration,” two exhibitions of site-specific, outdoor works for the Arlington Arts Center.


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