Overnight Model Output Gives Our Area Significant Snowfall

by MCS Staff

Overnight Model Output Gives Our Area Significant Snowfall

Fox 5’s Mike Thomas has been providing the play by play for this one, sharing the amount of snow the GFS (American model) and Euro (European model) are showing for our area this Thursday, 2/18.

Below is the progression from the GFS from Monday morning to Monday evening to this morning.

You can see that it has been fairly consistent showing snow in the 7-9” range, but we know that can change.

We also want to share the Euro from Monday morning, Monday evening, and this morning.

You can see that it went from 4.5” to about twice that amount and then back down to 7.7”

This goes to show you quickly things can change and most meteorologists are simply sharing the data they have while consistently warning that the numbers will likely change.

To reference the sports analogy again, they can only tell you what the score is as the game is happening.

The score at the end of the 1st quarter isn’t the final score.

Based on how the season is going, you can have a hunch on what will happen, but the best thing to do is follow along and root for whatever you’d like to see knowing it may not happen.

We’ll have an update later today that will include the latest GFS and Euro runs.


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