Park Police Ask Man to Leave Before Music Could Be Played Through His Speaker System

by MCS Staff

In one of the most interesting stories of the week, Montgomery County Park Police asked a man to leave before the man could play music through his very impressive sound system at Sligo-Dennis Local Park in Silver Spring on Tuesday evening. According to Park Rules & Regulations, Chapter IV: Prohibited Activities and Conduct; Section 12: Amplified Sound and Noise: “No person shall operate any device to amplify sound or otherwise create excessive noise so as to disturb the peace and public enjoyment…”, but a lot of people were still left wondering what it could have sounded like.

Director of Parks Mike Riley joked, “Park Police did the right thing asking this person to leave Sligo Dennis Park yesterday, but boy I would like to have heard one rendition of AC/DC Shoot to Thrill at max volume!” and MoCoShow staff have proposed the idea of creating a concert event that would allow the man to play a few songs for the enjoyment of the public, which could make everyone happy. Park Police shared pictures of the vehicle on Tuesday night, stating “This evening at Sligo Dennis Park an officer addressed the owner of this vehicle before it had the chance to become a nuisance to park patrons and nearby residents.” Along with the update, they reminded residents that “amplified music is prohibited in all parks.”

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