Parts of MoCo Wake Up to 4 Inches of Snow and What’s to Come

Snow Totals and What’s to Come

If you were in Clarksburg or Damascus you woke up to about 4 inches of snow this morning, according to this graphic by Howard Bernstein of WUSA9.

“And hardly anything down toward the Beltway. Elevation often makes a big difference around here with snow totals.” Bernstein tweeted us this morning.

Crazy how much of a difference a few miles make…

Wave two of this storm will pretty much be non-existent for us. We may see some flakes, but it doesn’t look like there will be any accumulation from it as it will move past us to the south.

What’s our featured image about? Probably something not many want to see.

According to the map, the National Weather Service is very confident in the enhanced winter storm threat for Saturday evening into Sunday morning.

As of now, models show a half inch of ice for our area. This would make the Saturday night and Sunday morning commute treacherous if it occurs.

We’ll keep an eye on that and provide you with updates.


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