Pedestrian Bridge from AstraZeneca to Kentlands Expected to be Completed by September 2022


Soon it will be even easier for AstraZeneca employees to head over to the Kentlands for lunch or dinner, as design of a new pedestrian bridge is expected to begin next month.

Per the City of Gaithersburg:

Earlier this week, Deputy City Manager Dennis Enslinger lead a resolution on a funding agreement w/ MedImmune, LLC (AstraZeneca) for design/construction of a pedestrian bridge across Great Seneca Hwy located just north of Great Seneca Hwy/Kentlands Blvd/Orchard Ridge Dr

MedImmune will be paying $4 million dollars for the project over the course of the next two years.

The Funding Agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of both the City of Gaithersburg and MedImmune, LLC.  The project is currently programmed in the FY20-25 Capital Improvement Plan.  Design will begin in the spring of 2020, and completion of the pedestrian bridge is anticipated in the fall of 2022.


5 Comments on "Pedestrian Bridge from AstraZeneca to Kentlands Expected to be Completed by September 2022"

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  2. A deal that started in 2004….finally takes shape.

  3. I hope the bridge is esthetically pleasing. An artistic bridge would be a great welcome symbol to the area and could add a lot of character.

  4. I like that Medimune/AZ is right here in Gaithersburg and is thriving, but this is a perfect example of why major employers do NOT want to setup shop in MoCo and why our job growth has been and continues to stagnate. It takes 2 plus years to design and build a pedestrian bridge?! I think it took Virginia the same amount of time to build the 495 HOT lanes…and look what has happened since 2012 regarding their employment growth, real estate values, quality of life… Come on Judd and Mark, let’s focus and create jobs.

  5. This is not exactly the idea location for the bridge. It basically is dropping everyone off at the entrance to the Kentlands at the gas station. It should probably be moved to the other-side of the street where most of the new restaurants are.

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