Percentage of Vote Won by Biden/Trump by Council District in Montgomery County

by MCS Staff

Percentage of Vote Won by Joe Biden by Council District in Montgomery County

This morning Montgomery County Councilmember Evan Glass shared the percentage of the Montgomery County vote won by President-Elect Joe Biden in November’s presidential election.

The numbers are broken down even further, providing exact exact numbers for how Biden did in each of the county’s five council districts. We’ve provided an approximate number of votes won by President Donald Trump, since nearly all of the remaining votes went to him.

Biden won 78.6% in @MontgomeryCoMD. President Donald Trump won approximately 21.4% (almost all of the remaining votes).

The map shows the five council districts.

District 1:  

Biden 81.1%

Trump 18.9% (approximate)


District 2:

Biden 73.6%

Trump 26.4% (approximate)


District 3:

Biden 78%

Trump: 22% (approximate)


District 4:

Biden 76.5%

Trump 23.5% (approximate)


District 5:

Biden 86.6%

Trump 13.4% (approximate)


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