Pets Are Home is Now Open in Travilah Square

by MCS Staff

Pets Are Home second location, at 10038 Darnestown Rd in the Travilah Square Shopping Center, is now open. It has taken over the space previously occupied by Michael’s Noodles near Title Boxing Club. The first Pets Are Home Location was opened by a husband and wife team in Kensington (10414 Derrick Ave, Suite 300) in August 2021. Additional information on the story behind Pets Are Home, courtesy of its website:

“Nathan and his wife Ross moved to Kensington MD in 2019 where they now share a home with Cotton, their  French Mastiff.  As soon as they moved to Kensington, they quickly realized that buying food for Cotton involved either traversing through 40 minute traffic or buying online. Neither were desirable options for them, and they were not alone in this struggle. They discovered that other pet parents in their neighborhood also disliked driving through heavy traffic in North Rockville, competing for parking space in Downtown Bethesda, and buying online from big name retailers. It was immediately clear to Nathan and Ross that there was an unmet hunger for a pet supply store in Kensington.

Nathan has been in the pet products industry for more than 15 years now and this has given him the necessary expertise to forge ahead in pet retail with confidence. He has rallied all the experts he knows from the pet industry to educate himself on what it would take to succeed in pet retail.  “Independent stores have been getting hammered by online and big box store prices and if you’re going to jump into this business you need to be in the perfect location, carry unique products and give personalized customer service like no other,” says Nathan.

Because of the pandemic, it took Nathan and Ross more than a year to secure the perfect location for their store which they decided to name Pets Are Home. “The name resonates with us, because our pets are our home, they’re part of our family and they fill a big space in our hearts,” says Ross. To celebrate the dogs who have filled their life with so much love, they hired an artist to paint massive murals on their walls. When customers walk into their store, they will see Cotton lying happily on his belly with his tongue out as well as the happy face of Sonny, Nathan’s beloved pug who passed away in 2019.

Nathan and Ross opened the doors of Pets Are Home in August 2021, with the vision of providing their customers with a personalized service and a thoughtful selection of products.  Pets Are Home is open 7 days a week and happily welcomes all two-legged humans and their four-legged pets.”


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