Pile Driving Completed at Site of Future Wegmans in Rockville

by MCS Staff

The pile-driving, which installs the piling – or vertical structure – for the support of excavation, began in September and was about 90% complete. It was completed by the start of November. More than 200 of these 60 feet-long steel I-beams will have been installed for Twinbrook Quarter.

Phase One of Twinbrook Quarter is located on the southwest corner of the property at Rockville Pike and Halpine Road and includes residential and commercial space, including a new Wegmans.

The Wegmans and surrounding new development will be right next to Twinbrook metro– occupying the former home of Pizza CS, Hooters, Fuddruckers, Salvation Army, and more.

Phase One is not expected to be completed for a couple years. More information below:

Phase One.

Per Reimagine Twinbrook:
Excavation Continues

Excavation will continue for the next few months as we dig to create the building’s foundation. You’ll see dump trucks coming and going from the site during the day, exclusively via Halpine Road and Rockville Pike, hauling away the excavated dirt.

Working to Minimize Dirt Off of the Site

We have systems in place to clean each construction vehicle of dirt and debris before it leaves the construction site. Each truck traverses two separate “wash racks” before driving away. The wash racks (one of which is shown midway up the right side of the above photo) include grating and gravel that clean the dirt off of the tires. Construction team-members also drive street-sweeping vehicles on Halpine Road between Rockville Pike and the construction exits.

Construction Hours

Typical hours of operation at the construction site are 7 AM–7 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM – 7 PM on Saturday.


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