Poki DC To Open Soon (Rio and North Bethesda)

by MCS Staff
Poke is the Hawaiian word that means “to cut” or “to slice”, usually referring to chunks of raw, marinated fish (but can also include other forms of protein). It’s then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and different types of sauces.

Poki DC will be opening soon in Rio according to their signage and recent Facebook post (it’ll be located near the movie theater across from BGR). Their North Bethesda store at the Georgetown Square shopping center is expected to open later this summer as well (10400 Old Georgetown Road).

The Rio location will be opening this summer and has a lot to offer.

You order using a “base, protein, mix-ins, sauces, toppings” format.

Bases include:
• Combo (mix of two bases)
• Mixed greens
• Rice (brown w/ quinoa and white)
• Zucchini noodles

Proteins include:
• Ahi tuna (plain, marinated, and spicy)
• Chicken
• Salmon (plain and marinated)
• Shrimp
• Tofu
• Yellowtail (plain and marinated)

Mix-ins include:
• Avocado
• Cilantro
​• Corn
• Crab Salad
• Cucumber
• Edamame
• Ginger
• Hijiki Seaweed
• Jalapeño
• Kale
• Mango
• Masago
• Nori
• Onion (green and red)
• Pineapple
​• Radish (pickled, raw, watermelon)
• Seaweed salad
• Tangerine

Sauces include:
• Eel Sauce
• Honey Wasabi
​• Lajama
• Mango Dressing
• Miso (citrus) Dressing
• Ponzu
• Sesame Oil
• Shoyu (sweet and wasabi)
• Spicy Aioli
• Sweet Strawberry
• Yuzu Jalapeño

• Bonito Flakes
• Fried Crispy Garlic
• Fried Crispy Onion
• Rice Puffs
• Sesame Seeds

Check out their website for more www.pokidc.com


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