Poolesville Takes Action Against Climate Change

by MCS Staff

On Monday, April 17, 2023, The Commissioners of Poolesville adopted Resolution 001-23, which establishes a One Hundred Percent (100%) renewable energy goal for municipal electricity use by 2030 including at least 80% renewable energy by 2027.

Over the past several years, the Town has actively pursued opportunities to respond to the climate change emergency and demonstrated how even a small town like Poolesville can tackle climate change head on. Through the 1.1 mega-watt solar array and LED streetlight program, we are already exceeding the 80% renewable energy goal.

Don Street, Chairman of the Sustainable Poolesville Committee and his team continue to engage the Commissioners, other Town Boards and Commissions and the public to proactively chart a path for reducing greenhouse emissions and adapt to all climate threats. Resolution 001-23.

Courtesy of the Town of Poolesville


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