Prime IV Hydration and Wellness is Holding it’s Grand Opening Celebration Today

by MCS Staff

Prime IV Hydration and Wellness is holding its Grand Opening today at 4923 Elm Street Bethesda, the former home of arts & crafts shop All Fired Up. The grand opening will be from 10am until 6pm today and 20% off of a founders lifetime membership is being offered. Refreshments and snacks are being offered as well as door prizes, giveaways, booking discounts, and more.

Prime IV offers treatments And IV infusions provided by medically licensed staff to help with hydration, athletic performance, anti-aging, hangover recovery, weight management, immunity boosts, altitude sickness, jet lag recovery, and more.

Per the Prime IV website: As a premier IV Hydration Therapy clinic, we formulate IV vitamin therapies that help maximize your overall health and wellness. So whether you are looking to instantly reverse a hangover, boost your immune system through the flu season or are looking for a supplement to other therapies, Prime IV is the answer. We offer a clean, comfortable and relaxed environment and utilize only the latest in cutting-edge IV therapies.

Amy Neary has been serving the Colorado Springs community with her other company since 2008 by providing affordable lab testing to the uninsured and under-insured. “We’re able to help people who otherwise might forego getting a diagnosis and treatment from their physician, simply because they can’t afford their lab tests, says Neary.

“We are here to close that loop.” She has noticed that despite health-care reform, she still sees many people unable to afford monthly premiums or are in very high deductible policies. “These are the people who make my work so fulfilling. Just because someone is insured doesn’t mean they can afford a large out of pocket lab order. We take away that pain, and facilitate getting them back to their doctor quickly for treatment.”


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