Progress at Lone Oak Brewery in Olney


Though there are a few breweries within a few miles of Lone Oak Brewery, this will be the first one that’s actually located in Olney (5000 Olney Laytonsville Rd)

Today we were show around by founders Chris and Charlie Miller, who both graduated from Magruder High School and partnered with Ralph and Ryan Mollet of Gaithersburg (M&M builders and contractors) to bring Lone Oak to MoCo.
How will Lone Oak Brewery differ from existing farm breweries in the area?
To start, parking will be plentiful. They don’t want parking to cause any headaches so they’ve made easy parking a priority.
The tasting room will be big and have a lot of room. To go along with the room, you’ll have a view of the farm, a pond, and the White Oak (Maryland’s State tree) the farm is named after.
A couple items we thought were cool while discussing the plans with Chris and Charlie were that the bathrooms will be conveniently located indoors and Lone Oak Brewery will have a snack shack that will serve ice cream, hot chocolate, and other pre-packaged items (think Jimmie Cone in the way the snack shack area will look).
Lone Oak Brewery is planning to open on April 1st.
We’ll have an update later this spring.

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  2. I have always admired that tree from 108!!! It’s huge. I grew up in Olney and look forward to checking this out once open. I am also the local rep for Cintas facility products and services so please let me know if you want info [email protected]

  3. Will dogs be allowed?

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