Progress on Relocation of Dunkin’ Donuts at Shady Grove Rd and 355

by MCS Staff

Back in January we let you know that the Dunkin Donuts that’s currently located in the recently renovated Rock Grove Center on the corner of 355 and Shady Grove will be relocating, according to Chris Wilkinson of JBG Smith. It will be moving to the back side of the shopping center, taking over the old United Bank location at 16268 Frederick Rd. We stopped by on Monday, and construction has moved along quickly (photos below).

The bank had a drive-thru, which will be used by Dunkin’. Baskin Robbins has also been added to this location, so customers can get their frozen treats on the go. The shopping center is currently home to Minerva, the newly opened Qdoba, and more, with a few retail locations still available to lease.


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