Proposed Bus Routes Would Connect MoCo With Tysons

Proposed Bus Routes Would Connect MoCo With Tysons

The Maryland Department of Transportation recently released a draft summary report of a study involving traffic on I-495 and the American Legion Bridge.

This study was conducted in response to a joint plan from both Governors Hogan and Northam to rebuild the American Legion Bridge and connect the interstate highway system, announced in 2019. This plan would allow for new public transportation routes with the hope of providing quicker service between the two states.

At minimum, the plan would create two routes: one connecting Bethesda with Tysons and a second connecting Gaithersburg with Tysons.

Other potential routes include:

  • Germantown to Tysons
  • Silver Spring to Tysons
  • Frederick to Tysons
  • Bethesda to Reston
  • Bethesda to Dunn Loring via Tysons
  • Frederick to L’Enfant via Arlington

Currently, the involved transportation departments are seeking public input on the proposed changes. There will be a public virtual meeting on January 12.  Information about this meeting can be found here.

Previously, there was one Metrobus route from Tysons to Bethesda, which ran from 1998-2003. This Metrobus route was initially created with the intent of allowing the bus to drive in the shoulder of 495 in Maryland, bypassing traffic and decreasing commute times. However, this bus route in actuality failed to shorten the commute time and thus was canceled.

Featured photo courtesy of WMATA’s instagram.

By: Michelle Katz @pike.and.rozay


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